Enhancing Learning through ICT


Have a look through the main training sessions below and get in touch if something interests you. Please also see the sessions page for other training available. The key is deciding what will benefit your staff and learners most. Any questions please get in touch. All sessions can be adapted depending on numbers of people and content required. Please contact me for more information and prices.


iPads have taken off in Primary schools. This session can be delivered in a variety ways: Introduction to iPad which will demonstrate all that iPad can do to enhance your curriculum, with beginners in mind. This session will introduce the features of iPad that work so well in schools. It will then move onto a core set of apps that can be used with children from Foundation Phase to the end of Key stage 2 and beyond.

iPads in the curriculum will develop the use of iPad and show how they can be used to support children in their acquisition of core skills, such as Communication, Thinking and Number.

Taking iPads further will show you the ways in which you can start to combine apps, develop engagement with parents, use the iPad as a personal device, collaborate using Apple TV/ projectors, and using the iPad in other areas of school not just within the classroom.

Starting out with iPads?

As well as offering training for teachers on using iPad in the curriculum, I can also carry out the initial set up and configuration of the iPads, setting up your school Volume Licensing Program, and set up of your free Mobile Device Management system (MDM). This process will allow you to:

– start using iPads in the classroom without the stress of preparing them – be confident of managing the iPads in the future – purchase and deploy apps effectively  – set security settings across devices.



App Blast is a short session (approx an hour) where I will come and give you a demo of the latest apps. It’s fast and not a training session. It’s to show you what’s possible. It’s to keep you up to date with the latest apps that are available. It’s to give you an idea of something you could look at in more depth and use with your class, and it’s for everyone, from those just starting out, to those who have a good hold on iPad in their class. The App Blasts can be tailored to your needs in terms of subjects or skills.



Blogging is a fantastic way to engage pupils in writing. It opens up writing and other work the children produce to a huge audience and gives them purpose. Easy to set up and secure, blogging is having a huge effect in primary schools up and down the country. This session will support you in the set up of your blog and give you the tools and ideas you need to make a great start with blogging. Sessions can be adapted in terms of length and numbers of people, so please contact me for prices etc.



Games are an amazing way to inspire writing. This session shows how specific computer games can be utilised to develop children’s use of language. It will also give you ideas and planning that you can use to take the concept further and support the children in creating wonderful pieces of writing full of imagination and descriptive language. Children will learn to empathise, describe, report, create and present as result of using Games to Inspire Writing. Please contact me for prices as sessions can be adapted depending on numbers of staff and the length of the session you require.